Project Syndicate

Project Syndicate (Wikipedia) is an international not for profit newspaper syndicate and association of newspapers. It distributes commentaries and analysis (“opinion pieces”) by experts, activists, Nobel laureates, statesmen, economists, political thinkers, business leaders and academics to its member publications, and encourages networking among its members. It is based in Prague, Czech Republic. It currently consists of approximately 439 newspapers in 150 countries, with a total circulation of nearly 50 million copies, making it the world’s largest commentary focused syndicate. Edin Mujagic and myself are a member of Project Syndicate’s Economists’ Club.

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17-12-2013 Germany’s Coming Downgrade

20-09-2013 Dealing with the Fed: Rewriting Textbook Economics

05-08-2013 The EU’s Deposit-Guarantee Endgame

25-06-2013 The Fed’s Scylla and Charybdis

12-06-2013 Outright Monetary Transactions and the Karlsruhe Court

15-04-2013 The Eurozone’s Uncertainty Principle

13-03-2013 The End of Central Bank Indepence (Independence Lost)

21-11-2012 The Age of Financial Repression

03-09-2012 Europe’s Crisis Goes to Court

16-07-2012 Exit and Enforcement in the Eurozone

01-03-2011 The West’s Punch Bowl Monetary Policy

17-01-2011 Who’s next at the ECB helm?

31-05-2010 Our Deep Debt Future

08-02-2010 The Euro’s Final Countdown

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